being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

“Do you turst me?”

            Trust in the L-rd and lean not on your own understanding.
That has been the theme for my life.

Trust- every time I hear that word I think of Aladdin and the part when the guards were chasing them and they were at a dead end, only way out was a window like 3 stories up, Aladdin looks at Jasmine who is full of fear and uncertainty, and says “do you trust me?”

with hesitation she said “yes” and they jumped, after a rather long fall they land safely
on the ground. I feel like thats what Ad-nai is asking me, “do you trust me?” and like Jasmine with hesation but certainty I say “yes” so far in my life every time I have said yes I have landed safely, even when there was a long drop, but everytime I said no and went my own way I ended up face down on the ground using the strength I had left just to pick me up again.

Is that not what life is all , jumping into Ad-nai and landing where you land and just trusting that you land where you are to be?

So right now I am in the middle of my jump just waiting to see where I land, and not leaning on my own understanding


nope nope
Just Trusting in the L-rd.


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