being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

slowing down

I use to be a go, go girl need to get things done and NOW, FAST, FAST want to hurry up and get to Jr high then high school get a car and job, move out,
and now I am in a another country, I am a NOW person when it comes to big things but little things they just sit and wait, but rush on the big things.  I am leaving the little things that are important, undone, waiting.  I always say its the little things in life, but I guess I don’t hold that true to my whole life.

Now that I have rushed a good part of my life away I am ready to slow down and live, spend time with Ad-nai and rest in Him, oh what a wondrous thing.

the next thing one the life calendar would be go to college or something, get married.   Why do I feel like getting married is the start of my life I find myself saying I’ll do….. once I get married and then…. But my life is right here, right now.  What I do with this time I have now is what matters not worrying about whats next, just living.  I will get married when I do, when the time is right.  I need not worry about it now, My life started 18 years ago and it has not stopped.

I no longer want to be the when girl like when i am 18. I will …and when I am married I will ..and when…. I want to be the now girl.
why do I need to wait till I get married to do things, if I even end up getting married. I am finding that I don’t need to make things more complicated then they all ready are, in fact I have found I can simplify things down.

So I will slow down and enjoy now for now.


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