being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

I am weak!

So this week has been rather discouraging, well the
last few weeks in fact. Living with a bunch of people
one learns a lot about ones self. Things maybe one did
not really want to know. It has almost felt like there
has been a magnifying glass over me to point out all
my faults, big and small. I could feel the suns beaming, I could not hide and it was starting to burn.

Sure we all have faults, but when all of your
faults are being jabbed at, all at once, you have to
choose to either sit in a corner and let it get to
you, or press on and work through them, instead of sitting in the conner. (if you sit in water you get wet, if you stay seated you stay wet).


Yet discouraged as I felt, I want to do so much and be
the woman Ad-nai made me to be; but I felt as if I had
to work through all the issues ( there’s more then I
ever wanted to know) before I can be used effectively,
then I was reminded when Yeshua says that He will use
the weak and the poor. I guess I have always heard
that and thought that’s so cool that YHWH will use the
weak, but I never really applied it to myself; and
well this week was so reassuring because I found out
the most amazing thing about myself; I am weak (and
poor as well). So instead of feeling down on myself I
can rejoice in my weakness because Ad-nai can use me,
and the weaker I am the more it glorify s Him.

So I am weak and happy about that. 🙂


2 responses

  1. mom

    you got it girl! in our weakness HE is made strong…your being built layer upon layer-in your inner man,where it matters-going and growing from glory to glory!!

    Tuesday, 20, November, 07 at 02:47

  2. Diane

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Though you are dark (from all your toiling and battling to stay on the track of Truth), YHWH says you are lovely. Though you may be poor in SPIRIT in times, YHWH DECLARES that YOU are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! YOU, CARLENE MEROLA, are a woman of ONE THING!

    Wednesday, 5, December, 07 at 15:25

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