being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

So far away

I want to dance around the starts tonight

twirl around in the sky, wish that I could fly

hold the moon in my arms

how amazing that would be 

but oh so meaningless to me

the only desire of my heart 

is that we are not so far apart 

so I dance around the sky

trying not to fall apart

you seem feather then the moon

no matter how far I try to reach 

“grow longer arms”

“twirl more spinning girl”

be a pulling force, so the earth rotates faster

for life is to slow.

as hard as I stretch, I can not reach

as fast as I spin, rotation does not speed 

now am just dizzy

I will just dance around the sky until the sun starts to peak out and rise

lay my back on the dew covered grass 

feel warmth on my face and hope in my heart

I know, no matter how long the night seems to last

the sun always rises. bringing light to a dark sky

I need to just trust in that.


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