being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

When it’s hard to breath

I have learn from countless times of not being able to breathe,

because the weight of the world seems to have been

so conveniently been placed on my shoulders,

to simply take is off and put it in the hands of Abba.

In fact I can’t take it off most of the time.

I have learned to say, Daddy its too heavy can you carry it.

Never once has He said no.

Then I can breathe again and hop, skip, jump and twirl.

Dancing in the rain is hard with sextillion tons on your shoulders.

It’s hard when all you see is eyes looking, lurking, judging.

When the walls are closing in on you and the world is weighing down on

You, its hard to keep breathing let along keep your head up.

As the walls close in again I ask Daddy can you give me new eyes to

See that there really are not walls there, and He does.

When it gets hard to breathe I ask for more air,

When is gets hard to stand I ask Him for a hand,

When my head is heavy and can’t stay up, He is there to whole it up.

He not only protects me from a storm but dance in it with me.

My joy is to be found in Him even when there is no joy to be seen when

you look around.

When I am standing alone in the middle of a busy intersection with

cars wiping by and stop lights changing every few seconds.

I know that even if the eyes looking at me think I’m crazy

and shake there head cus they don’t understand

I know that I am understood by the only One that needs to understand me.


O Ad-nai is O so amazing


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