being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

coming fast

So the date to the Philippines is rapidly approaching, I can’t believe its almost here. June 6th is when I will be flying and the school starts the 9th.

Here the thing, what you were all waiting for when you opened this letter so I won’t make you wait any longer. I am still in need of money, I really wish that this world was not so heavily reliant on money, it’s so frustrating. All I want to do is change the world is that so much to ask? But to do that I need money, grr to that.

I still need about 1,800 for the program, which I know G-d will provide, but here’s the point of me writing this, here’s where you can come in and help me change the world, you can help me help bring treatment to poor men, women and children that otherwise would not get it, as well as equip me with the ability to help out in hospitals and clinics in whatever third world country I will be in.

Now you might be saying that’s nice and all, but i don’t really have money, or it’s too much effort to make out a check and send it. Well I am going to tell you that every bit counts, every dollar counts. It make a huge difference to me and a huge difference to G-d.

Program website:

Now there’s an account for the program that you could send it to, but it cost money to use it and it takes money out on my end so its not the best deal however if you would like to send money that way let me know and i will give you the info.

Or if you would like to send money through paypal then let me know as well.


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