being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

13 June 6:30PM
tonight we ate tilapia; now I have had tilapia before.. many times before. Tonight I ate a fish; meaning I ate half a fish. Half a fish with tail and gils know the skin, never would I have eaten that, but tonight I did .Tonight I forced myself to scavenge for the meat on an animal while I had other fish heads looking at me. But it wont be so bad in a few weeks, I know it will be fine, now if I had to eat that half fertilized duck egg at the other end of the table that would be a very different story.
I am learning that I have these silly little things I don’t like, that maybe just maybe I need to get over. No,I definitely need to get over it, if I don’t, well I might miss out on something great, or go hungry ..and my silly little thing like eating fish that still has a head on it is just that silly and I need to get over myself. Hashem is so amazingly graceful cus I didnt have to eat the whole head tonight!
13 June 7:30PM
tonight we had our first student initiated Bible study (which means we the students decided we were going to have a bible study so we did) we are going to be reading 1st John reading what there is to read and then some. it was a really great time i have not been to a Bible study in some time and it was really good to get back into that and just be able to share peoples hearts. There really is something about sharing love and joy with others that is just so encouraging and uplifting.

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