being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension


Friday morning at 5am i ventured off to TFGreen airport, made a 5 hour stop in the Detroit airport, where I walked up and down the long stretch of gates, drank some rainbow tea and watched water jump from one place to the other. Then I hopped on board a 747 for a thrilling bumpy 18 hour flight to Ninoy Aquino Japan. But wait, the fun of travel does not stop there.. we landed in the Ninoy airport , got off the plane to go through security and then back on the plane for another 4 hours. The combination of anxiety, tiredness (from being up for more then 24 hours) and restlessness, this flight felt like the longest flight of them all. Then there I was landing at the Manila airport in the Philippines. I trodded through passport control, after having my doubts that it was going to be there, got my bag, went through what I think was the easiest costumes ever, exchanged my US dollars for what looks like fake money, and stepped out into the evening air of Manila that so graciously wrapped its self around my lungs like a hot wet blanket.
I was here after all of what seemed to be craziness. I was here ready to take part in this learning venture and to grow in ways I never thought I could grow. Here I was in the hot humid bustling city of Manila, I knew all along that I was going to be here but it still felt so unreal.
Driving down the streets of Manila to the hotel room made me feel right at home, it was 12am but that didn’t seem to stop life in the city, there were cars and trikes on the road and people walking along streets, venders selling there goods. There was life in the air, I was going to feel so at home here. I loved it already.
I entered the hotel, got my key and headed off to my room ..took a lovely shower and climbed up to my bed (yes my bed was up in the air and not on the ground)
the next morning I met with my group that will be joining me for the next 7 weeks to do mini med school so we can help out in third world countries. We fed our bellies and then we were off and on our way to the the Island of Calipan where we will be studying for the next 7 weeks. After packing our luggage and ourselves in the vans we took off to the bus station, had a lovely 3 hour bus ride in a comfy air-conditioned bus (the luxury of that) then to the ferry station we went, enjoyed the beautiful ocean breezes and the amazing view, then hopped on the van for the last lag of the ride. We made it we were all here, hello Calipan, we are here.

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