being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

kids will break your heart and lift your sprits.

15 June 08
Sunday we all piled into the back of what is like a small flat bed truck with benches on either side, much like the vans that are used to take the bad guys away in the movies, to head off to church where we worshiped and praised and listened to a message from one of the base staff or really half listened seeing that we could only understand half of it, the other half that I didn’t understand was in Tagalog. The native language on this side of the Island. After the service everyone greeted us, and when I say everyone I really mean everyone it was a small church so it was possible. The people here are so friendly and the kids are so cute there was one little boy Michael in particular that seemed to catch a few of our hearts and all the girls wanted to take him home with us, not that he need to be taken home.. he had a loving mom and a bunch of sisters, but there was just something about him that intrigued us. His smile will forever be implanted in my heart.  
It was hot in the church but so full of love and passion to worship and adore the Creator of the world that the hotness didn’t really seem to matter.
We hopped back in the jail car and head back to what is home to us for the next 6 weeks.  After Lunch a few of us went into town for a bit, when I came back I was over heated, rundown and feeling a bit home sick, I wanted to just lay down for a little while. But after begging, bribing and threatening; the girls got me to join them on a walk. I was not so thrilled in the beginning, but as we started seeing people and stopping to talk to the locals I was having a fun time and feeling much better. The kids are so cute, they run up the road and say hi when they see us coming some of them already know some of our names. What really did me over was this young girl. We were standing by the side of the road talking to a bunch of kids and there was this girl standing there looking at her phone then all the sudden she showed it to me, I was a bit confused but I looked, the text option was opened and she has typed in it.” What is your name?” still confused I said my name, she then turned and taped her sister on the shoulder and her sister then signed my name for her.  She was deaf ,that explained why she was not talking.
I started to rack my brain for any sign langauge that I used to know, but it had been so long and I never knew much, my heart sank cus I wanted to show her that I wanted to talk to her. Then it dawned on me I had my cell phone too, so I pulled it out and we started typing to each other, we didn’t talk long but it was so awesome I have wanted to start learning sing language again and now I really, really want to.  Next time I see her (she lives right down the road) I will ask her to teach me some. HaShem is so amazing.

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