being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

blood pressure in prison

12 June Practical in prison

After Lunch we climbed into a hot stuffy bus with our stethoscopes and
blood pressure cuffs. Once we were all packed in, off we were to the
local prison. The van ride was short, not really allowing us much
time to stress about being ready, plus we have had two days and all
morning to practice and be prepared, nerves were still riding the
waves of nerviness as we pulled into a street of what looked like a
bunch of run down strip malls, parked and started unloading the bus.
We saw  boxes of supples to run a clinic and we all just looked at each
other with puzzled faces, as far as we knew we were coming here to
practice taking vitals. What we didn’t know was that we were taking
vitals for prisoners that were going to get there teeth pulled and we
were now a part of a dental clinic.
There we were sitting there taking vitals from prisononers and detainees..
most of then were nice, in pain or just awkward. Only a few of them
spoke English so communication was limited. Later we found that most of
them were being held there waiting for a trial and weren’t even

After taking vitals we had the ability to help out if we
wanted to and of course I jumped in. Holding heads and shining the
flashlight was my job, might sound easy, well it’s not when your
batteries die and you have no other flashlight. It’s very hard to
shine a light that you don’t have. (I could write a blog about that
one). Later we found a big flashlight and by big I mean the ones they
use to make movies (very low budget movies). The guys seem to be
really happy to get their teeth pulled or maybe that was them in a lot
of pain. But they were grateful non the less. I spent the afternoon
helping the main dentist Leo, at one point he looked at me as we
were about to do an injection and said “you want to do an injection”
“sure” was the word that came out of my mouth but in my head I was
thinking ‘right now? Am I really?’ I ended up not doing it and I was
really ok with that, I will have another chance and I just wanted to
know a little more then I knew, I was fine with holding heads for the
day. After the last tooth was pulled we packed it up said goodbye and
piled back on to the hot bus, where we all shared what our day was like
and what we learned and how we felt and how we could not wait till
next Friday.


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