being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

Filipino People

15 June
The people here are so friendly and nice, every time I go to another
country I notice so many nice people. I don’t know if it’s because I am
white and they think i have money or what but in general on the street
you can see that they are friendly to each other, everyone knows each
other no matter how big or small the town or city is. Out side of the
place where we are staying is a few houses of kids, cute amazing kids,
that know all are names and come running at any sight of us. They
prove my theory to be true not only them but everyone up the street and
down the street and in the next town. I am just so blown away by the
awesomeness of El-him (the Mighty Creator), well I am always blown
away because He is just forever being awesome and never ceasing to be
amazing. These kids down the street from us have the purest hearts and
just a love for Yeshua it makes me want to jump up and down with them
(yes they jump up and down because of the love in their hearts and they
are not ashamed at all; not just the kids but the mothers do too. Like
I said,   

El-him is awesome.


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