being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

best week so far!

30 June- 5 July 
This week was by far my favorite week, Monday and Tuesday was the subject that I was waiting for OB GYN. Pregnant moms with big bellies and babies doesn’t get much better then that, the awesomeness of new life straight from Ad-nai. We started out with talking about the women and how women were made and the women anatomy. We went over prenatal check ups and what they entail, how to tell if a women is really pregnant, what age the baby is if the baby is healthy. Then we talked about the process of delivering a baby and different cases we could have.  It is so fascinating ,we also got a chance to watch breached births on the video along with going to the hospital to see what the maternity word looks like, this was our second trip and they know we are students .We ended up staying the whole morning just helping out .There are 12 of us so they split us all up in different wings. Ryan and I were directed to the male surgical word which was just a room full of beds and people either getting ready or recovering from surgery. The hospital is a government owned biulding and not in the best shape. Most of the doctors and nurses are volunteers or don’t get paid much, but have such a heart for their people. The people that come to this hospital are the ones that cant afford going to a private hospital. We didnt really get a chance to see anything because it was a slow day for them but we did get to talk to the head surgeon a bit and learn about his persceptive. We learned that all the surgeries are free and some of the meds but they still have fees.These are the people that cant even afford to put food on the table and most of the time they just wont go and it will be too late.  There was this man in the ward that had a tumour on his chest and it was likely he had one on his liver causing jaundice and his skin to turn yellow. It was so sad, all the doctors could do was send him home and tell him to make the best of things, because he didnt come as soon as he should have, there was nothing the could do.
My heart is being broken, it breaks even more to know how cheap the meds and surgery is for these people that are seriously  ill.
After lunch we had more classes about what to expect in the delivery room and how women works and how to console the new mother. 
The next day we had classes about eyes and elephtises and all that fun stuff that i pray i never get.
The coolest things that we learn this week was next week we get to be on call at the hospital to witness a birth and i am  hoping we get to see more then one and maybe even help, I am so excited i cant wait.  

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