being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

my heart was stolen

4 July – 7 July
This week is the middle of the course and a long weekend for us. Most of the people have made their way to other islands to have a relaxing week. I have decided to spend my weekend at Ruel Foundation which is an orphanage for malnourished kids, and help out the care givers.  The director of our programs’ wife started the foundations to take in kids and heal them with the intention to bring them back to the parents the name of the foundations is the name of the first little boy they helped out. But it has now turned  into a orphanage; and because it is not in the culture here to adopt, they have been trying to set up with other countrys. Let me tell you, I am enjoying this way more then I would enjoy travelling. There are 8 kids and they have all stolen my heart. They range from 8 months to 5 years and they are so amazing. There are a few that  I would love to take home with me (i would love to take all of them) 
Camila (AKA Milla) for sure stole my heart, she is a 22 month old mugen girl, she is the newest addition to Ruel  arriving 3 weeks ago because she was extremely malnourished and under cared for. They said she had lots of worms in her tummy ,more then they have ever seen,  there was no poop coming out ..just worms. She also had broken ribs, and has a really hard time breathing due to asmtha.  Within the first 5 minutes of being there, I could see that she was underdeveloped and the weakest of all. She just sits there, one look and she had my heart ; I want to take her home with me so I can take care of her. She really needs one on one care, but that’s not really possible at most times. Here little legs are weak and don’t move much, so me being me, I have been doing some PT with her and at first she didn’t like it.. now she just looks at me with a face that says “what are you doing with my legs”. We put her in a jolly jumper for the first time yesterday so she could strengthen her legs. The first thing she did was hold them up, after showing her a few times how to do it she slowly picked it up and today she was in there for awhile laughing and giggling while I was singing silly songs to her. She is so cute, and you know ,you dont have to buy a ticket for lap babys 😉 
The other one that has got my heart is Gillbert .He is 16 months and just so adorable with the cutest two tooth smile. I don’t know all his story but he was malnourished and has week legs but is starting to walk with help. His laugh is so adorable and he loves to be held. He had a bit of a fall yesterday and got a really big egg on his head it was almost instant from impact but he was all right and the egg is almost all gone now.
Then there is Mark who is 4 and has grown fond of attaching himself to me for several hours at a time. One of the care givers said he was getting too old for that in which i responded that everyone needs love know matter what age. All these kids just want to be loved, and all fight for a place on your lap but they all love each other and get along so well.  The care givers have really done a good job with teaching them how to love.  I cant imaging how hard it is. Most days there is just one care giver on at a time and they work long shifts.  Catiy , the one on this weekend watches them all weekend with no time off, I know that’s what a mom does but 8 kids, and some of them are sick.
Mark also has a brother Pador who is 2 years old and has developed a rash around his neck and feet and now all over his face and head, we put ginger violet on it to help it dry up and heal ,and well it lives up to its name because we had a very purple Padro today.
John Mark is 14 months and the most active, he came in very malnourished as well, and is growing to be a strong and healthy boy climbing on everything he can and always getting into mischieve. I wonder what’s going to happen when he can fully walk on his own. 
Ryan is the oldest of the boys (5 years) ,he is adorable with his curly hair and his laugh, I dont know his story ; so far as i know is that he is a Mongen boy and he was not wanted and even though the Foundation is for malnourished kids ,they have made a few exceptions.
Kat-Kat is the youngest girl at 8 months. If she does not capture you with her smile then you must have a cold heart, she is so sweet but man she can cry if she wants to.
Iris is 3 and she has a lazy eye and parents that didn’t want her or take care of her. She is up for adoption and has a lovely couple that are in the process to adopt, its just taking a long time and it is so crazy how hard they make it and how long the process is. In the mean time she is in this loving place ,but that’s not always the case, (oh how i would love to change the system) so her “mama” & “dada” to be, pick her up almost every day from 9 to 5-ish ,so I have not had so much time with her but she has still managed to capture my heart.
This afternoon all 5 of the boys got hair cuts. And they all screamed the whole time through, now we have 5 bald boys.. its really cute. they were trying to comb their hair but there was nothing to comb, so they combed my hair instead and all fought over my lap while we watched a movie. The little ones were all asleep so it was a lot more peaceful and less going on. not having to worry about Jonh Mark climbing on things and falling over or throwing glasses on the floor or Kat-Kat trying to escape to outside or Milla falling over or Gilbert crying for no reason. 
I was about to retire to my room for the night when iIheard Camila crying, now normally we just let them cry till they fall asleep so we were not thinking much of it ,but as i walked by her I relised she was coughing really bad. Now she always coughs but this was worse then I have ever heard it, so I patted her back for a while and then we put some herbal medicines on her head and tummy to help her breathe better and then softly hit her back to break up what was in her chest. I wanted to take her with me to my room so I could watch over her for the night. I really do want to take her home or at least stay here and take care of her till she is a healthy little girl that can walk and talk. 
She did manage to scoot herself across the floor today.  She has been getting used to everyone picking her up, so she has not even tried ,but when she saw that i was not going to retrieve the toy she threw across the room ,she slowly pulled herself across the room (with a lot of encouragment). The caregiver looked at me with suprise in her eyes and smiled. 

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  1. dawn m

    I am so glad that you are there to love on these precious ones!! You get to sing and pray over them, how sweet is that!

    Sunday, 27, July, 08 at 22:41

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