being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension


After driving down the jumpy road passing rice fields, random baseball hoops and water buffalos, we arrived  in Inarawan for our practical.  Off to the BP station I went, starting the day off with greeting people is a great way to start the day. In this barangay the blood pressure was a whole lot lower then that last one we went to. After spending half the morning taking BP pulse and spO2 (oxygen saturation in blood), I headed off to patient care where me and Stacie took turns checking and treating patients with the oversight of one of the doctors. Hands on is the best way for me to learn and this was way hands on.  The doctor we were with let us do everything, when I was stuck I would just look at him and he would ask me questions till I gave him the answer. It was a great time we got to see a lot of different problems, but the main reason people came was because of coughs and colds which we have victims C or multi vitamins for them. But in-between the coughs and colds we had goiters, yeast infections, TB, nose polyps and some other things.  My knowledge was  tested for sure and made me feel like I have to go back to the books and start anew, but it was nice to see  how much I do know. To tell you the truth, I was kinda fearing patient care today, because i new they were going to make me do most of the treating, we have gotten to  ask a lot of questions in the past; but today it was more up to us. We were the doctors. I was worried i would not know the answer to simple things, and some times i didn’t but now I do.  I found out that I like treating kids, anyone that knows me probably would not find that as a suprise.  Most of the kids just had a cough, or so they say, almost 50% of the people we saw at the clinic   yesterday said they had a cough. For a clinic filled with coughing people, i sure did not hear a lot of coughing, but maybe its one of those you feel a lot better after you walk 5 miles to the clinic and you don’t look sick anymore. After patient care we were off to Dental Clinic, where I got right in on the action and started packing mouths with lidocaine and using forcepts to pull on teeth, ok I only got to pull out one.. BUT I got to pull out one! It was great. That had been what I was waiting for. The last few Praticals I have not even had a chance cus I have not been put there.
The girl seemed pretty nervous about me coming at her with a needle and the forsepts but it was an easy pull. In fact it was so easy that it didn’t feel like it happened. I got the tooth out, threw it in the trash ,had her bite on gauze, got her pain meds, watched her leave, and then Marven (the dentist) was like so how was it, and I looked at him with a question on my face like “how was what” and then I was like oh the tooth pulling, I pulled a tooth! Like it still feels so unreal, it was so easy, now I know that is not always the case. I was there and I saw the ones he pulled, he gave me the easy one, and I was glad for that, now I passed the dentistry, but I don’t want to stop I want to keep pulling and learning more. My mind is over filled today so I will rest a bit and overload again tomorrow when I head to the hospital. What a great day it was.

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  1. dawn m

    you pulled a tooth!!! I never thought you would be so excited to pull a tooth..thats soo funny (well, not for the people losing their teeth!)..But you go girl!! I am sure they never had such a cute, sweet,toothpuller!

    Sunday, 27, July, 08 at 22:39

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