being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

The wonders of birth.

As my steady steps approach the OB wing I start to get excited,.We enter the hot sticky hall way, there is a baby in a bed crying with no one to console it.  We enter an empty room with lots of windows, change into our scrubs, and with compassion, we head for the crying baby.  This was the start of our shift in the OB.  There were two mothers getting ready for caesarian sections and unfortunatly, we could not be involved but, we picked up the babies from the OR and started cleaning them. The first caesarean was twins so I got to clean the little boy, who weighed  1.6 kg (3.52 lb).  I got to give him a shot of vitamin k and put tetracycline (eye cream) on his little eyes, dressed and swaddled him up. His sister was 2.3 kg (5 lb) she was the bigger one but she was having a hard time breathing, so we put an oxygen tent over her little head.

Next we had a little boy coming from the OR, he was  a big baby, nice and healthy. I later got to deliver him to his aunty (his mom was still in recovery).

We were starting to give up that a mother was going to come in for a live birth. Then all of a sudden there was a girl with a big round belly 2 cm dilated, so we decided to stay so we could see a live birth. The time there was amazing, the conditions of the hospital were not so much. There really was no running water so we had to get  it out of a bucket, and gloves were only worn when cleaning a new born and in the delivery room, but that was just the way it was.  At 3 am the mother went into labour then 15 minutes later there was a babies head and then out came a boy that was 3.6 kg ( 7.9 lb) it was amazing to see life enter into the world. It was amazing. Life is amazing. G-d is awesome so awesome. Then after that we had a women walk in that was pre term and bleeding way more then she should be and had been bleeding her English was really good so we got to talk to her, she was not worried and said she could feel the baby. The doctor was paged but was not showing so all we could do is have her lay there and wait,  we also had an other mother that came in 7cm dilated, this was her 3rd baby and the first 2 were C sections so the doctor needed to see her, but the doctor was still a no show and she was going into labour, all there was to do was pray and that I had been doing since I got there. A few hours later the women was 10cm but the head was not showing so they moved her into a emergency C section by a doctor that does not do them often.  We left after she was sent to the OR and later one of the girls went back (was really tired from the 13 hour shift so I was sleeping) to visit the mommas. We found out that both moms deliverd and the babies were healthy and well. Bless Ad-nai.

the one that had a C section had a little boy.

and the pre term mother had a little girl who was names Sara.

We also got to see the twins again, they were looking so much better.

I cant wait to go back.


4 responses

  1. dawn m

    how cute are those babies..and how cute are you? You are absolutely glowing!! This suits you well!! You get to touch those sweet, precious ones w/ the touch of Yeshua..right as they enter this amazing is that!!

    Friday, 18, July, 08 at 22:46

  2. Stephanie

    Wow Carleen–It’s almost overwhelming to me to see just a little bit of what you have experienced during these past 12 months or so. And now you have not only witnessed birth, but you have lent a hand and heart in completing the work of creation that the L-rd began in those mothers…amazing! Looking forward to hearing all about your 7 weeks–including the grueling stuff 😉

    Thursday, 24, July, 08 at 11:27

  3. Beccy

    You are awesome and the work you are doing is awesome. Your mom is right – you are glowing and it is so wonderful seeing you doing this work that is perfect for you. I’m so happy for you and proud of you and happy for all the people whose lives you are touching in such a positive way!

    Thursday, 24, July, 08 at 13:03

  4. Stephanie

    Hi Carleen–WOW reading this and seeing the pictures is almost overwhelming for me–You’ve experienced so much in this past year and I only know pieces of it and I am amazed by what you are doing and what G-d is doing in you! And here you’ve had your hands and heart involved in G-d’s most precious creation…life. Can’t wait to hear all about your 7 weeks.

    Friday, 25, July, 08 at 17:07

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