being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

Last day?


It was the day before everyone was heading out, me and Lesley decided to head out to get some food for the next few days and look around for some souveniers. After we got what we needed to, we were walking, just looking at shops but we were enjoying walking so much we just kept going and then we realised that we were at the prison which told us how far we had walked but we kept going, knowing that at any moment if we got tired we could just hop on a trike and go home. We passed the gas staion that told us we are about half way to Ruel Foundation, I looked at her and said is that were we are going? We had no plan to go there or to even walk this much I wanted to get in and out of town fast but it didn’t matter anymore, she was enjoying walking so on we went. Towards the end of it, it became our goal to get there, I mean we already walked far why not more. I really wanted to say good bye to the kids, and here was my chance. Soon as we got there my heart broke, it broke every time we drove pass it, I had so wished I spent more time there during my stay but I had thought that maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea I would just keep getting attached to the kids and they would get attached to me and then I would leave them. I didn’t want to make it hard on them. So I didn’t try so hard to go.
Here I was standing there holding the little on that stole my heart, and I said I cant go I just can not leave. Now this is not a new thought, I had this feeling before, I had been feeling really unsettled about going home the past few days but I didn’t have the money to stay and I knew I had to start getting ready for some of the things G-d had told me to do but I also felt Him say stay but to stay just seemed too much of a hassle, I had so many reasons not to stay, but my heart was telling me to stay. Well being there that day tipped me over and well my heart won.
I am now staying here for an other 40days as of now. To work with the kids and whatever else G-d leads me to do while I am here.

One response

  1. dawn m

    Milla and Carlene are BEAUTIFUL…simply beautiful.
    this is greater love…

    Monday, 28, July, 08 at 22:36

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