being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

Buzz, buzz.

Swat, “go away fly”

I was just trying to eat my pizza

This fly just keep getting in my way

Not really go anywhere just flying around acting like it was leaving then it would dive in for the pizza.

I was trying to get it just leave me alone, but it would not listen.

Sigh, go away fly

But it was persistent in buzzing around,

Oh just kill it now I thought.

Soon as I said that, I thought, oh wow.

I am so glad that G-d does not say that to us.
How many times we might seem like a fly to G-d

Buzzing around not really going anywhere or getting anything done.

He could just say that, He could of said that to the Israelites

Who always went there own way and never really seemed to learn, but He had patiens with them.

Oh thank You G-d that You are full of mercy and steadfast love.

Even though I am not.


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