being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

He picked me

every one keeps giving me praize
“oh how great you are for doing the Will of G-d you are so strong”
for one I am not strong
and I am no different the anyone
If G-d took hold of your life, and your heart was in love with His
heart, like mine
then you would do the same. whatever He tells you.
but that does not make me strong or great. I am just in love with my
Creator and He is my Master. so I follow Him even if it’s not what I
would of pick.
I didn’t pick  Him, He picked me.
I am not great or strong or brave
if I appear to be, that’s because you do not see the countless hours i
spend crying my eyes out, saying “why me?” you dont not see how many
times I fall on my face at His feet. You do not see how weak  really
am, and how much I lean on my Him for His strength. and you do not see
how many times I have tried to walk away.
then why you might ask, if its so hard, why? 

its simple,

because G-d loves me, and not that fake love we have come to know. but

that passionate love, a love that would give you strength to die for
someone. and He did die for me. its that kinda love that ruins the
inner core of humanity that has been places inside of you sense you
were a baby. A love that once felt, you could never be sanisfiyed by
not feeling it, or ever be the same. it chances how you see people,
and makes you want to love with the same passion. Its not feeling of
butterflies but a feeling of firer burning you up, devouring your very
being, refining you  to make you pure, yes its a love that makes you
I do not desive praise, but give Him all the glory.


3 responses

  1. Stephanie

    I love this post – well-said and a big AMEN. I stand corrected (in a loving way of course) – Baruch Hashem! To be in love with the L-rd is the best and hardest and most perfect place to be.

    Monday, 25, August, 08 at 13:39

  2. lisa niebels

    I love you

    Tuesday, 26, August, 08 at 18:30

  3. Annita

    amen to that! God has truly touched your heart, and by allowing Him to do that He is using you in amazing ways 🙂 you are such a blessing!

    Sunday, 21, September, 08 at 06:07

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