being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

Why can’t He write in the sky.

When you give your life to HaShem you give every-step to Him, every move to Him, but sometimes it feels like its uncertain what move to make. We often say things like ‘I wish HaShem would just tell me what to do’, or the most likely over stated one ‘I wish HaShem would just write it in the sky’. Sometimes we say that jokingly, and  well, HaShem is just so cool that He can. Not only can He but He has. Does pillar by day, fire by night ring a bell? How about when He came to see Moses, was there not thunders and earth quakes? And I dont know how many times He has used the sky to tell me how Amazing He is, and how much He loves me. But as far as writing in the sky what to do next, He can do it, if fact.. He just did.
His creation
See I was praying and although its dark outside I felt the need to go for a walk, so I just walked around the block a few times and I was just singing and giving it all to HaShem telling Him every part of me is His and He needs to tell me what to do. All of a sudden the sky catches my eyes and its like HaShem is talking to me by using the moon. It was like so awesome, His Glory is just so amazing. I think sometimes we say things like that, but then we don’t look at the sky for answers. That makes me wonder how many times He clearly tells us what is best for us… but we miss it. Or worse, we see it, but ignor it or deny  its from HaShem.
I am learning that its easy to say you want to live your life out for HaShem, living like Yashua, but doing it is the hard part. I know that HaShem knows the wants of our heart and in time He will give us what He has placed in us. But it often feels like we have to do a lot of things we didnt plan or see coming but thats the thing I am learning not to plan whats next and just wait on Him. But please dont get me wrong, that does not mean its ok to sit and wait and do nothing and most of the time He is telling us something even if it seems small to our little minds. 
Something I just read in a book of Mitzvoths (camans) is the 2nd Mitzvoth in the 
Tora is ‘Hear, O Israel: HaShem our G-d Hashem is one (Dut 6:4)’ in the book it goes on to explain in Jewish belief. “this is a main principle of our faith; after the first knowledge that there is a G-d in existence it is necessary to believe with complete faith that He is simply, utterly one in the utmost degree of unity; He is not a physical being; no concepts about a physical being can apply to Him; nothing that can affect a physical being can affect Him; there is none second (like) Him; and without Him there is no G-d. We are duty-bound to bear this belief in mind at every occasion and moment-both man and woman.”
Now think about for a minute, ok now think about it again. G-d is not bound or stuck to our ways of thinking, acting, and  being. He is not stuck to the so called system of life, that seems to try to make us believe its the only way to live.
But what if we change that, what if we stop asking for answers in the sky and start searching the sky to see if there are answers. We need to stop waiting for a book of what our lives should look like with step by step diagrams to find our way.. and find our way to the only One that knows the next step that would be best to step to. We need to stop defining ourselves the way others do and start looking at how our G-d defines us. And most of all we need to stop limiting HaShem to our minds understanding. 

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