being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

Love, with everything you got?

Ok so here’s a question for you.

what does it mean to love G-d with all your heart soul and mind?

any G-d loving person out there most likely has asked this question and is most likely still asking this question and will continue to ask this question. 


I mean like if you love G-d everything in your life should show it right? everything you do should be trying to please Him. Respect Him, listen to Him 

you should live your life out in evidence that you love Him.


but how do you do that? what does it look like?

does it mean you must give up everything that you have and live on trusting in Him for your every need.

does it mean you should give up sleeping so you can spend more time with Him.

Does it mean that we should see everything we own as His and freely give it as He tells us.


Ok so to some of you that might sound crazy, but here the thing

if you love someone would you not give up your job, your house, your money and move to be with them?

if you love someone would you not want to stay up all night  just to see if they say somthing anything cus you love to here there voice?

if you love someone then do you not see all you have as theirs. 


Same thing if you love someone and they dont like that you smoke would you not try giving up smoking? even if it hard or it hurts?


I get a lot of questions about why i do things that hurt, that are hard, that break everything inside of me, for G-d.  


well here is my answer, I am driven by this crazy thing called love.

I am so in love with G-d that i will give up everything i have, 


sad reality is that i still am in love with myself a little to much. and my love for G-d is not the only thing that drives me. 

you see i will only go so far.


but i dont want that i want more i want to love Him with everything cus that the only thing i think of day and night i mean i have to try to push Him out of my head.


thats why i ask what does it mean to love G-d with all your heart soul and mind. what does it look like. how do we get there?


ok ok i know the answer to the question just give it all to Him. but thats hard how do we get to the point where we can do that. Give up everything for Him.


How do we get to the point where not only everything we own, is His but everything we do is for Him, everything we spend. every moment we breath we breath it for Him. 


and again to some thing that might sound extreme. Cus you know what G-d loves me already i dont have to do a thing to earn His love. but i dont love Him because i owe Him but i love Him because He is the only one i can love and i love Him because He First loved me.


I am finding that love is a process ask any couple that has been mairred over 2 years and they will tell you.


leaving me behind so i may seek after Him


One response

  1. beautifully written, that only a heart full of love could do.

    I don’t know, personally I think love comes naturally. yes we are able to really LOVE Him because He first loved us. but we all respond differently to His love because we all have different revelations of His love. and yes, it is a process…

    I think we will never get there (on this earth, at least), because He is LOVE and He is infinite… and nothing we can ever do, think or imagine can even measure up to His love, to Him. In His awesome and sovereign design, He leaves us striving and continually pushing ourselves and letting Him break our hearts over and over again… because He’s making us GROW, He’s stretching us all the time, until we become perfect in Him, becoming like Jesus.

    without Him, I am NOTHING.
    if it weren’t for Him, everything I do is NOTHING.

    but isn’t it so awesome how He turns a NOTHING into a SOMETHING, to give Him GLORY.

    He is everything.

    Sunday, 9, November, 08 at 11:01

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