being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

We got it backward

we got it wrong

So I have been thinking lately, and the more I think, the more confused I get and the more I discover I don’t know anything. What I thought I knew, I have found to be wrong. what people have been telling me, what I have learn, it just makes no sense when thought about. it sounded good at one point but now that i am using my own mind I just got to say that I don’t agree.

I have been taking all I know to Ad-nai and trying to line it up with Him, and something I have found that so often we do it backward we get a thought or the theory and we try to line Ad-nai up with it.  We find verses that fit and we can explain it so it makes sense. but the more I get to know Ad-nai the more I see, that He does not make sense to me or this world. because He is so much bigger then that. 

I have found that people don’t so much care if there backing G-d, as long as they feel G-d is backing them. Then people well so easily follow them. Witch makes me think are we really trying to find G-d, and understand Him?

maybe the mistake is that we want to understand Him but, we cant. So inoder to try we put Him in a box, so that we can try get a pictuer but then we get a pictuer of the box and not really Him at all.  We all take different things we like and put it in the box. Now everyone has a box but whats in the box is different cus its only part not all. G-d is to big for us to comprehend so we have stopped even trying and instead of keeping an open mind and trying to understand piece by piece.  We close the box, only focusing on the pieces that we have picked.

I am not sure when we thought we had the right to put G-d in a box or even why we would want to.

G-d is so much bigger then you, don’t try to fit Him into your life and your head. fit into His.


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