being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

The ultimate excuse

So the other day I was talking to someone and my brother told them I

had just come back from the Philippines, so they were asking me what I

was doing there and then they made a comment that “it must be nice to

not be committed to anything like a job or family so I could travel”.

To be honest I was a bit put back by that comment and my response was

“My commitment is to G-d”. He made a well that’s nice nod, talked a

little bit more and went on his way.


People often get the wrong idea, that doing G-d work means you have to

neglect other responsibilities to be free to do the things of G-d,

like to not be tied down to a job or a family to do those things…




Its almost like people think of it as if there is a window of time

that you have to live in faith to set out and do something, before you

have to face the realities of life.


To some people getting or having a job is really important. You need

to make a commitment so that you know that you will be able to have a

wife/husband/ family and be able to take care of them. We make

commitments to renting or owning properties, owning and leasing cars, we

have this mentality that we have to, this mind set that in order to live

we must set our loyalty to things such as these.


Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with making commitments or

being loyal to something. Although so many times it seems easier for

us to make those commitments, however making promises to jobs, renting

and owning.. keeps us from being loyal to things that matter more.


I can’t even tell you the countless times I have heard the “I have a job

and family” excuse from keeping or making a commitment with G-d. ( yes

I see that as an “excuse” because it is)


Often commitments take sacrifices. Getting a job or a better one might

mean having to move to a different state, sometimes even a different

country. Moving your whole family from everything they were

committed to and comfortable with.


Even though it might be hard for us to move for a other job and move

our family we do it. Why? because we think it good for them, we think

we are giving our family a better life.


Although I have learned that there is more then what we think is a

“better life”. G-d wants to give us a better life, He has something

better for us.


Here’s my reality; I had a good job, owned a car, and when I finished

high school I probably could of got a better job, moved out on my own, and

went to one of the good colleges I got into. If I wanted to I probably

could of gotten married and settled down soon.


But you see I gave that up, because years ago I made a commitment to

G-d. That means nothing gets in the way of that. Just like if you

make a year commitment to a job. Some people might see it as me

throwing it away. However, I made a life decision that, I will make no

other devotions with out His approval. That means I drop obligations

that I had, to do what the One I am truly dedicated to, wants me to



Now I know you do not need to leave the country, or the state, or even

your job, to be doing the will of G-d. Like I said, so many people

use jobs and payments and families as “excuses” of why they cant

either hold true to a commitment they once made to G-d or excuses

not to devote your life to G-d.


When you commit to G-d that should be it. There is no turning back,

there is nothing that gets in the way. Your loyalty is now to Him,

If G-d says go, then you go, whether you have nothing holding you

back or everything possible holding you back.


As hard as it might seem to give everything up and leave everything

behind, knowing that you are giving G-d glory is just so awesome and



One response

  1. Sarah Diebel

    I totally agree. You are totally describing some really frustrating conversations I’ve had lately.

    Wednesday, 10, December, 08 at 18:11

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