being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

A lot on my mind

It’s been a while, and i have a lot on my mind right now so I’m just going to jump right in.


What is it about death that people can’t talk about? and the only thing people can say is “im really sorry for your lost. “Well i don’t think that helpful in anyway, but more as like a lack for better words.

and why is it that death cost so much, it almost cost more to die then it does to live, i just dont understand that.

Why is it that people see Judaism as laws and not an amazing reverence to the Creator.

How come Christians  celebrate the holidays that pagans created and not the ones that Yeshua went to and celebrated when He was on earth.

Why is it that so many Christians fail to recognise that Yeshua is a Jew, and He was most likely not called Jesus when He lived on earth. And Jesus is His English name. 

When people get so close to their goals, they seem to get stuck and keep going or almost stray away for it.

People spend more time trying to be someone that everyone likes, that they forget what they like about themselves.


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