being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

Stepping back, instead of pushing on

a weight hangs over my shoulder, a restlessness fights with my sprite  I cant see. I’m losing focus the feather ahead I push, the harder it is to see, the heaver it gets  the more my sprite fights. I cry out

” how do i get pass this?”

So here I am taking a step back, stepping away from all the craziness, and cutting off all the filth and my earthly identity. I don’t want it any more. I just want the will of Ad-nai, and sometime the things that don’t make any sense are the only things that make prefect sense.  

In our human understanding when we feel disconnected we try to keep pushing forward and try to find something to make a us feel reconnected. Some times step back and drawing near to the only One that can make you feel that way, is the best way.

In fact I think thats part of the problem we have, we try to keep pushing on, when Ad-nai dose not tell us that, we tell us that.  How can we push threw if we left something that we really need behind, witch is why stepping back is sometimes needed.

its a humbling process dieing to ones identity.


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