being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

Wait what? Carlene went to Haiti?

Ok some of you might be reading this saying did I miss something? Well I was saying the same thing on June 16th.

“G-d how did I get here?”

When G-d moves He doesn’t waste anytime, He doesn’t need plane things the way we do.  We should be ready at any moment to do to be wherever G-d wants us.  For some of use that hard to do.  We feel like we need to pray to put out a flees to ‘wait on the L-rd’.  Well if you put it that way I have been waiting a long time with my hands open. Saying whatever you want me to do just tell me, I go about my day go about working but ready to give that all up to do Ad-nai will. So when He tells me to go to Haiti in 3 days well I go..I don’t have to think about it or wait because well I was waiting and now I going.  I didn’t have time to think or worry or panic in fact I was there in back so fast I’m like what happened?

Ok some of you are still wondering how I got to Haiti.  Well you already know it was G-ds will.  The earthly reason I went was because my congregation has an orphanage/safe house/family center called Chesed (kindness in Hebrew) House, in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.  I have been praying sometime about wither I should go there, since the earth quake there has been a even greater need, even though Cap-Haitien was not directly effected by the quake hundreds of people came the the city and mountain near by to try to find a safe place to stay.  That resulted in Chesed House overflowing with children.  So my main job was to talk each kid and take pictures so we can work on getting the kids sponsorships so we are sure they always have food in there bellies.

more to come later..


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  1. Hopey

    That is SO cool!

    Saturday, 31, July, 10 at 04:23

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