being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

Frist day

Written 16 June 2010

Going through check in security and passport control at the airport was an… adventure.. not that it didn’t go smooth, there just seemed to be a lot of confusion, when you have 12 bags and 4 people that’s asking for it just a bit. For someone that likes order that was the first hurdle I had to get over. Once we got through and prayed, things seemed to run better.  After two plane rides and a lay over we arrived in Sanwan airport. We dragged our 12 bags threw security and customs we met up with Gedeus and his friend in the dry sticky heat outside. Somehow they managed to get all our bags on the top of the car and all of use (there 6 of us now) in the van.  Once we were loaded up we head out to Santiogo to visit a church were we met a family that we would be soon spending the night with. After what felt like a crazy confusing drive we arrived at a quaint little house, in the DR where we stayed for the night and got blessed by a little family. Tomorrow we head to Haiti but today we rest with this little family in the DR.


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