being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

day 3 and 4

3rd day

THE DOCTOR ARRIVED! Only 30 minutes after nine, a stunning success I say.

(in Tanzania time is kept every different if not at all). We started rounds in the private room, which houses kids of the nurses and doctors. Then to the neonatal room that holds 0-28days and then to one side of the main ward. 5 patients were seen and an hour has gone by. There are still 18 patients to be seen and it is 1030. The doctor was telling us you need to take time with patients and not rush. We saw patients with anima, pneumonia, malaria, URI (upper repertory infections), UTI’s. At 1200 7 patients had still not been seen by a doctor. It was time for us to leave so we did not get to finish.

The doctor was really great and sounded like he knew what he was talking about through this broken English. He kept telling us we needed to use our heads, that we needed to think. “you need to spend some time with your brain” he said. That was by far my favorite quote of the day.


4th day

We spent the first 30 min standing outside the doctors meeting listening at the window because we didn’t want to walk in late. Once in the peds ward, we were handed mops to clean the floor. We filed papers and waited for the doctor that showed up at 945 today. The doctor we started with yesterday started with us today and then another doctor took over. He was an older man with glasses and grey curly hair. He spoke clear and had good English ( most people here are very soft spoken). I feel as if this doctor understood why we were here and really took the time to teach us and talk to us about medicine in the country.

This day was awesome! However it is the 4th day and feeling has been building up so the inevitable happened and as my friend would say ‘I got the feels’. Seeing lack all week just got to me. The doctor didn’t have a pen light and that seemed to be my last straw for the day. I will touch more on what it looks like in the ward later on next week.

I am going on safari this weekend!


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