being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension



There just are no words

Within 30 minutes of being in the safari jeep (just on our way to the camp, so on normal road) It was already worth the stress and drama it took to get on this trip. I sat up font with our tour guide. Who introduced himself as Deco but told us. “you can call me Decoration”. On the 3 hour drive to the camp I learned a little about some tribes, about alcohol in Tanzania both how’s it’s made and how it effects the people. We talked about monkeys and chaeta’s and all kinds of other things as we drove.

A little bit about Tanzania every town has a tribe. Most of the tribes are modernized but still keep part of their culture, some people are more tribal than others. The Chaga tribe comes from Moshi which is where I am staying at the moment. Every morning on our way to work we drive passed men and young boys picking apart some kind of plant and laying it on large tarps. The plant is called finger millet and it is used to make a chaga beer (every tribe has their own beer) this one is made with bananas that are boiled until they turn red. Alcohol is quite a problem in Africa. I also learned about a banana wine that cost 400 TZ shillings which would be about 12cents and is quite cheap here. Which means the youth buy a lot and drink all day and don’t go to work or work all day and spend all their money on wine. Deco said it teases like juice so they drink and drink and then get crazy. There is a law that doses not allow you to drink until 330 in the afternoon, punished by fine or thrown into jail until sober and let go for free with no record because no records are kept here. The way to get around that law is to stay inside. Also, there is a drinking age of 18 but it not enforced, Father’s often send their young kids to go get alcohol for them.

The attitude of Tanzania is every slow going and peaceful and I have to say I am fitting in quite nicely. Anyone that has seen me this last year knows that I have struggled with always being buzzy. I have to say I am likening this whole Hakuna Matata viewpoint.

As for the animals it was amazing to see.

I just have to say.

Oh the privilege it is to sit and pee with the luxury of toilet paper and washing one’s hands with clear water and soap.


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