being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

25 Day’s in Africa


So I have been in Tanzania for 25 days now. There has been ups and downs twists and turns and that only pertains to the roads. Working at St. Joseph’s hospital for the past 3 weeks has been a mixture of patient gowning, mind expansion, lack of ability to communicate with staff and lots of waiting. The past two weeks I have been working in the OB ward, which means there is a lot of around waiting for mommas to give birth.

Every morning we walk into the ward say our half English half Swahili greetings as we head to the bathroom/locker room to change into scrubs. We then check to see if any mommas are in the delivery room. Yes, I am checking for multiple mommas in one room. There is one delivery room with 3 beds separated by partial walls. This is also the room that mommas are checked to see how far along they are. This is something I get to help with. There are a few steps to checking a momma.

We ask the momma how many pregnancies (gravida )How many kids she has (para)

How many kids she has (para)

When her last menstruation was

Then we do the examinations

Uncover belly

Look: we are looking for the roundness and if there is an operation scar

Feel: we feel the top of the belly for the fundus to see how many weeks the baby is. Then we do lateral palpation to find the babies back and feel just above the pubis to check for placement of the babies head.

Listen: With a fetal scope which a metal cone that has a rim on the narrow side we listen to the baby’s heartbeat. To use the fetal scope you place the wide end near the babies back and press your ear on the rim. You let go of your hand and press down with your ear and listen to the babies heartbeat.

Then the cervix gets checked to see many cm the mother is dilated.

More to come about delivery


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