being broken down for a love so much bigger and greater then comprehension

My hearts cry

My heart is beating in my chest to be broken to never be the same

It no longer wants to beat for itself or the comforts of life.  There is something more it can beat for and it will beat as loud as it has to for all the ones that cant beat.

It’s really quite simple the cry of my heart is to love.

So my heart wants to beat for love

My life is to live for love

The ministry Ad-nai is calling me to is love.

Not just any love, the only love, from the only One that can love.


There are so many children laying on the street right now that have only encounter a filthily love, that is if they have been lucky enough to encounter anything but hate. 

So many children that we choose to not see even though they are standing right  in fount of us.  

When I say streets I not just talking outside on the ground im talking about children and young adults that might be surrounded by people but are alone. not able to really feel love that aren’t seen even though they are always being stared at and watched.

And you know what Ad-nai says about that?  Well why don’t you ask Him.

In James 1:27 Religion that is pure and undefiled before G-d, Abba, is this: To care for orphans and widows in their distress, and keep oneself unstained by the world. 

And in 1 Corinthians as well as many other places in Ad-nai word it says if you do not love you a have nothing and are nothing. It even goes so far to say that you are nothing but a noisy clanging cymbal. 



the cry of my heart is to live for HaShem (His name, ‘G-d’)

in everything I do. Relying on Him and Him alone

living soley for Him and being satisfied in Him

letting go of all of my pride, my selfishness

my comfort, my life as I once knew it


I cry,

shed me of myself

rip me down to the very core of who You made me

break me from who I have become

shape me to the shape that I have stopped you from moulding

blind me so I may see Your glory

make me mute so I can only speak of You

parilyze me so I may only walk to give You glory

cover me in darkness so that You are my light

love me

ruin me

so only You will be gorified by my life

sanctify me

hold me

make me new

so Your name is glorified in everything I do

let Your light shine through me

keep on ruining me

make me humble

so I may stand in front of You

this is the cry of my heart

make it true


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